A Service-Oriented Architecture for a Flexible Digital Public Archive

Henk Jonkers, Christian Wartena, Hugo ter Doest, maandag 17 september 2007

This paper reports on the development of a service-oriented architecture in a project that aims to realise a digital archive for long time preservation of digital objects of the municipality of Rotterdam. The architecture is based on the Records Management Continuum, which argues that archiving starts with the creation of an object. The infrastructure, system architecture, archiving processes and services are specified according to this principle. The paper concludes with a discussion of the advantages of service orientation for this project, and based on this, recommendations for similar projects with an infrastructural component undertaken by local governments.



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Geschreven door Mattias Lundin op 28-04-2008 08:42

I am studying archival science at the Swedish Miduniversity and am currently writing an essay on digital archives based on the OAIS model. Can someone explain to me the difference between the typrs of metadata assigned to the records in the Registration component and the Metadata administration component in figure 4?

Thank you!!
Mattias Lundin
Gothenburg, Sweden



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