Capturing Architecture for the Adaptive Enterprise

Maria-Eugenia Iacob, Henry M. Franken, Harmen van den Berg, Harm Bakker, woensdag 25 april 2007

Rapidly and flexibly adapting to changing customer needs and company goals has become of vital importance to a growing number of organisations. As a consequence, changes in product, process, organizational structure, application and infrastructure are large, and need to be made clear upfront. The choice for enterprise architecture provides the enterprise leadership with a powerful weapon: architecting situates the enterprise on the roadmap for evolving towards the desired future-state enterprise and achieving both higher efficiency and effectiveness through transformation. As such, it captures and visualizes the different business and IT domains and the relationships between them. However, enterprise architecture is more than just modelling: when used correctly, it facilitates the integration and alignment of these domains and it offers another perspective on the effective execution of changemanagement. In this context, a good method, a comprehensible modelling language and the right tools are essential for the development, maintenance and usage of a good enterprise architecture.



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