E Government in The Netherlands: an architectural approach

Guido Bayens, dinsdag 10 oktober 2006

Some years ago the Dutch government started improving the service level of public agencies. Since then many projects have been started and the first results are apparent. With so many projects being undertaken, it became necessary to implement a programme aimed at developing a reference architecture for Dutch governmental institutions to be able to steer the many different programmes and projects. The first version of the Dutch Government Reference Architecture was published recently. This first draft-document was presented to all the Dutch public institutions, as well as to consultancies and the IT industry. They were all invited to comment on this draft. In the meanwhile programmes and projects are focussing on this first edition of the framework. Interoperability is growing. Co-operation is facilitated and is also expanding. Although the first results are encouraging, there's a long way to go yet. It can take up to ten years to create a more service oriented public service. This article offers an overview of steps that have been taken in order to develop e-government in The Netherlands under architectural guiding principles.


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