Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog

Alexander Ernst, woensdag 20 februari 2008

We are proud to announce the availability of the first version of the Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog. The objective of the EAM Pattern Catalog is to complement existing Enterprise Architecture (EA) management frameworks, which provide a holistic and generic view on the problem of EA management, and to provide additional detail and guidance needed to systematically establish EA management in a step-wise fashion within an enterprise.

The EAM Pattern Catalog identifies the dependencies between

  • individual management concerns (Which goal is to be achieved for which stakeholders?),
  • management methodologies (Which activities are required to address a given concern?),
  • supporting viewpoints (Which diagrams, figures, key performance indicators, etc. help stakeholders to collaboratively perform these activities?), and
  • information models (Which information is required to generate a particular viewpoint?).

The EAM pattern catalog should help practitioners introducing EA management in a given enterprise and should provide academia a solid and extensive reference documenting current approaches and their rationale.

More information about the Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog and the link to download the catalog can be found at http://wwwmatthes.in.tum.de/file/Projekte/EAMPC/index.htm.


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