Introducing Enterprise Architecture at TNT post

Martijn Smeets, dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Many large organizations encounter great diffi

culties with the operational implementation of their business strategy. The concept of Enterprise Architecture is a popular means to translate business strategy changes to implications for the operational organization and govern the overall development direction of the organization. Despite the availability of standard Enterprise Architecture methodologies and frameworks, many organizations struggle with the implementation of Enterprise Architecture in their existing organizational processes. The Mail NL business line of TNT Post is faced with the challenge of introducing Enterprise Architecture in its organization. The experiences of TNT Post may be of great value for large and comparable organizations that are also faced with this challenge. This thesis presents the experiences and implementation of the first steps in the introduction of Enterprise Architecture at the Mail NL business line of TNT Post, in order to support the introduction of Enterprise Architecture at other large organizations. This thesis provides (1) an overview of all the organizational characteristics that are at the basis of the Enterprise Architecture function and implementation, (2) an overview of the process in which Enterprise Architecture is introduced in the organization, (3) an extensive description of the process by means of which Enterprise Architecture is developed and applied within the organization and (4) an overview of the lessons that have been learnt from this first step in the introduction of Enterprise Architecture. As such, this thesis provides an interesting overview of a pragmatic implementation of Enterprise Architecture at a large organization.



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