New version of Archi

Danny Greefhorst, woensdag 13 oktober 2010
Archi is a free Java-based modeling tool for ArchiMate, the open standards language for Enterprise Architecture. A new version of Archi has been published.

Archi version 1.3 is now available at

New features and fixes:

  • User-created sub-folders can be added to the Model Tree
  • Model Tree elements and user-folders are automatically sorted alphabetically
  • Drag and drop elements to user-folders in the Model Tree
  • Search Bar added to the Model Tree for filtered search of elements
  • Pressing Return on a single-line text field in the Properties window now updates the value
  • The Model Tree's expanded nodes state is persisted between sessions.
  • A New Model's default name is now "(new model)"
  • Added a "General" preferences page
  • The Properties window now shows the selected element's icon
  • In the Properties window, "Analysis" tab, the "Model Relations" table for a selected element now shows source and target elements for relationships
  • In the Properties window, "Analysis" tab, the tables are now sorted alphabetically
  • Built on Eclipse 3.6.1 RCP
  • When dragging and dropping a relation from Model Tree to View, all connections are now added to its connected elements in the View
  • Undo/Redo menu items are now active when the Properties window has focus
  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances an element could be dragged and dropped into a View from a different model


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