Sefan Linders wins Netbook

Sefan Linders, zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Via Nova Architectura has organised a competition where students could win a netbook with their thesis. The winner of the competition is Sefan Linders with his thesis on the relation between SOA and BI. The comments of the editorial board were: "It is a well written thesis with a clear, structured and well-documented research approach that is also described in detail. Although the thesis does not pose any fundamental new ideas, it does offer a number of practial insights into the combination of Business Intelligence and Service Oriented Architecture. The contribution of the thesis is that it brings together and academically supports existing theory and practice."

Danny Greefhorst (editor of Via Nova Architectura) hands netbook to Sefan Linders

The main goal of this thesis is to describe the relation between SOA and BI, by providing an overview of the opportunities and limitations of using BI in an organization that adopts SOA for building its applications. Opportunities describe how the adoption of SOA can improve the use of BI. Limitations describe the constraints of these opportunities, and the limitations of traditional approaches to BI on SOA applications. The opportunities and limitations are described in concepts and technologies, of which the technological description will be mainly described by the resulting software architecture. Since the academic literature on this subject is rather thin, this research poses to establish a useful source of information to those practitioners and academics working and learning in the field of BI, who are interested in the developments of BI.



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