The effect of architecture

Marlies van Steenbergen

Although organizations increasingly realize the importance of architecture, the actual added value remains elusive to many. The question "what do we get out of architecture?" remains a tricky one. On the one hand, the answer seems easy: flexiblity, coherence and complexity reduction. On the other hand these answers are so generic that they do not resonate with management. The consequence is that architecture is often perceived as a luxury, an attempt to build ideal solutions that, when things get tough, are parked until better times. With the theme ‘the effect of architecture’ we aim to get a handle on the real added value of architecture. By publishing articles that research this added value, articles that show practical examples of added value and how to attain it and articles in which stakeholders share their expectations.

The first article in the series focuses on how architecture teams can stay effective in the context of the dilemma between the need for a (strong) division of responsibilities because of the broad scope of architecture and the need for knowledge integration to guarantee coherence.

Marlies van Steenbergenhas more than 10 years experience as an enterprise architect. She works for Sogeti as an advisor and coach in the field of enterprise architecture. She assists organizations in implementing an effective architectural practice, performs architecture assessments and frequently conducts workshops and in-house training courses. Marlies van Steenbergen is co-author of a number of books on Dynamic Architecture (DYA).



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